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b. Jennifer Barbara Russell, Essex, England, UK

Jenni shares a flat with Marie in Clapham, London. She’s a no-nonsense, old skool socialist & feminist who has little time for Marie’s fanciful ways or careless handling of money. She’s a little disappointed with her own life and comes over as dour and cynical. But she’s very fond of Marie underneath. Although, on occasion, she spots weird things out of the corner of her eye…

b. Marie-Laure Leroux, Avignon, France

Marie is Jenni’s long-time flat-mate. She’s a would-be artistic genius, a lover of gothic chic and all things kitsch, and Bette Noir’s Number One Fan… hence a frequent visitor to Bette’s acclaimed bar/music venue, Club Vamporama. She continually infuriates Jenni with her apparent air-headedness, but there may be more to Marie than meets the eye.

b. Carole Annette Price, Manchester, UK

Carole is the confidante of Club Vamporama’s owner, Bette Noir. She also manages the club and assists Bette in most things. She joined Bette in her late teens as a roadie, when Bette was touring with the band, and has stayed in Ms Noir’s small, private circle ever since. No one is more loyal to Bette Noir than Carole.

b. Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

Back in the late 1970s, the enigmatic Ms Noir formed a gothic punk band in New York called The Others. Quickly finding a strong cult following, worldwide mainstream success came with the title track of their third LP, Rock Till I Die, in 1982. Although some fans cried sellout, Bette continued in a less commercial vein right up to the final Bette Noir and the Others album in 2002. The band was put on indefinite hiatus, but a few years later she reappeared as the owner and occasional hostess of Camden Town’s Club Vamporama. Almost nothing is known of Bette’s background. There are whispers that she may be reforming the band for new gigs and possibly a tour.

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